“Ajarn” Carlos Moreno

A great Article from “The Examiner” on Instructor Carlos Moreno.

Ajan or “Ajarn” is a title used in the Combat sport of Muay Thai. It means “Master” (A higher level of instructor) and is a much revered and respected position in the traditions of Muay Thai. The term “Kru” is teacher. Carlos Moreno has earned his title of Ajarn in both the art and the sport of Muay Thai and as per his website claims he is the only certified Ajarn in North Texas. Recently The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner was privileged enough to have gotten to know Ajarn Moreno and see firsthand why it is that his students love him so much. One of this writer’s training partners from the Plano area just so happens to train with Carlos. It was just prior to Dan Severn arriving to the DFW area that I was informally introduced to him over social media.